On a cold Saturday morning, the ladies 2’s started their game with a minutes silence to pay their respects to the fallen.

With a win in mind the girls started out with great pressure and pressing on the oppositions defence. Harpenden pushed hard and added returned pressure into our defence who managed to keep their strikers at bay. The first half mainly consisted of a lot of incomplete passes and some strong runs from the opposition. We had a few fantastic runs ourselves, which led to both Capitano Terri and Charlie sprawled across their keeper at some point!! Half time talk was a full of encouragement from all and gave us a huge kick up the backside to play how we know we can.
Second half of the game saw us play some fantastic hockey. Unfortunately Harpenden ran some rings round us and were able to slot the ball into the back of the net. With this in mind, we stepped up! Some fantastic play from both Lana and Clare on the right saw the ball being ran with pace and skill up to the forwards who were eager to get the goal. Molly was stood in the perfect position to slot one home from a great pass from Clare. Our short corners today were on form. We were very composed and managed to put a lot of pressure onto their defensive section. Our second goal came from a pass in to Kate from Terri who saw the back of the net and weren’t going to have anything less. Our defenders, Kate, Babs, Lana, Charlotte and Stef were able to keep the ball out of the danger zone and pass back to the mids, Molly, Bunnii, Sophie and Clare to put more pressure on. Vicky had another smasher of a game with some unreal passes and great calling from the back. Our final goal of the game came from a well drilled routine. A quick injection from Stef to Terri, a slap shot in for Stef to put Home a fantastic deflection into the top right corner.
Overall we started of slow, but through determination and hunger for the win, we showed Harpenden who the winners really were.
Girl of the game: Clare (white washed almost!!! She’s a stunner of a player)
Match report: Team effort