It began with our team being escorted off the sidelines for daring to arrive too soon, and ended with us holding our own against a strong and determined Letchworth side.

Riding wave after wave of opposition attacks you would forgive us for feeling a bit motion sick! But our fantabulous defensive line up of Babs, Stef, Charlotte and Lana made sure those pesky Letchworthians were denied every chance and short corner.  *cue smirk*
The glorious Berko midfield floated like butterflies and stung like cute honeybees. Shexy link-up plays between Bunni, Becca 'I never get mentioned in match reports' Bowman, Molly and Kate J bravely beat against the staunch opposition defence, only be refused entry to the Goal Party.
And our forwards? Lady Fortune turned a blind eye this week. Terri, Charlie and Kate G played beautifully but suffered a similar fate to our midfielders.
It was a tough ol' game.  Final result = 0-0.
MoM = Vicky Stanwell for her majestic command of the D. Well done, bird!

Match Report - Babs Lisgarten