We travelled again, this week to Shefford and Sandy, hoping for our third win on the bounce...

Mrs Savage and her carload were late again, *rolling eyes emoji*, so the rest of us warmed up around the adjacent field under the instruction of Babs who loves nothing more than to pretend she’s Mr Motivator! We had a slightly lacklustre opening 10 minutes, but then a shot was stopped on route into the goal by an unfortunately placed oppo foot and the umpire blew just as Lauren neatly slotted home the rebound. The umpire initially gave the goal but then after discussing with her colleague, agreed that the whistle had gone before the goal. So a penalty stroke was awarded. Up stepped Deb, who gave good effort but her flick was just saved. Feeling more determined and pumped up now, we upped our game. Emma, Harriette, Charlie and Emily all working the ball around their defence and creating good chances, backed up superbly by our hard working midfielders Deb, Bunni, Maria and Lauren. Our defence still had work to do as our opponents tried to make use of 2 very pacey forwards and burst through our ranks. Nat wasn’t troubled though, and we felt in control of the game.
Our first goal came when Emily passed to Maria, who skilfully went round a player and found Emma who made a great run away from her marker in the D. A hard slap and we were 1-0 up! But Emma wasn’t done there. A 16 hit out from Annamarie found Emma near the halfway line. Tearing down the left wing, she cut in behind their defences with ease. Upon reaching the D, Emma calmly lifted the ball in over the keeper to make it 2-0!
At half time we were all sweaty from the un-hockey like weather. A very pleased captain spurred us on to continue playing our natural game in the second half.
We started even stronger, dominating possession and keeping most of the play high up the pitch. The oppo clearly felt the pressure, and struggled to get the ball cleanly out of their half. We won the 50/50 balls, we passed neatly, and our comms were great. Calls from our captain to be the hardest working team on the pitch rang in our ears as we all dug in and worked hard to create chances and keep the ball. Stalwart defender Helen had a few attacking runs up the pitch which is always great to watch, beautifully losing her marker and finding a pass through into the D. Babs and Rebecca too enjoyed a few ventures up the pitch, and any attacks from the oppo were channeled to the sidelines and then cleared away. We were fully in control of the match! Our third and final goal came from a short corner, Lauren injected to Harriette who smacked the ball home. A great and enjoyable game, and our third win in a row. 3-0!
Over teas we had fun with our fines, and Emma with 5 votes was our deserved MOM. Other votes were nicely spread, reflecting the whole teams efforts. Let’s keep this momentum going ladies!!