Ladies 4s came out fighting hard and finished 1-0 up against Chilterns away.

The score held at 0-0 for the first half with only ten players versus a rolling opposition side. Despite the heavy running for all lines on the Berko side, the mid field and forwards kept the ball down our end giving Sam in goal plenty of time to reflect on what she’d be doing next week. A few attacking short corners also failed to hit the back boards, but the crux of this game was that Berko were in charge, and pressure on the Chiltern team stayed high through the half.
Evie reluctantly agreed to running the ball through the opposition as long as Jo Fisher stayed just behind, and run she did. Lo and behold, this worked, and we’re all eagerly expecting more of the same next week!  Super passing, communication, interception and commitment from Rebecca, Jenny and Phi was seen throughout the game.
Babs bolstered the side for the second half, freshly out of breath from her earlier game; many thanks are due to both Babs and Jo for playing and coaching our side. Sam got her time to shine in the second half with some good saves, phew! Finally the deserved goal came with a full team setup up of the field, through Trish, out to Jo and Evie on the wing, and a sweeping cross field onto the left post where Lizzie put it away with panache. Ange has been poorly but is out on the sidelines each week egging us on, and this week team performance was such that the captains (on and off field) had to work their way through a multiple MOM tie, with a joint award going to Ophelia and Robyn. Many thanks to Andy too for giving up some weekend time to umpire and control the cheek on field.