The ladies 1s travelled the long distance to Saffron Walden.......luckily Helen Morton came prepared with a packed lunch to last a few days.

Finally we arrived and prepared ourselves for the game ahead.
Both teams started strong with lots of end to end play. Vicky was shouting from the goal to mark our players and get back as the opposition were working incredibly hard to get a goal!
We had a few good runs forward with some good short sharp passes but unfortunately couldn’t convert.
The oppo had a few short corners and eventually managed to slip one passed our stroppy defender...(sad face)
The whistle blew for half time with Saffron Walden 1 goal up!
After a great team talk from Dina and Faye we all set off to try and get a goal, even though we managed to press forward with some great play across the midfield and forward line we just couldn’t convert. Lots of great defending saved us from letting any more goals in finishing the game at 1-0 to Saffron Walden.
Mom went to Vicky for an amazing save and overall outstanding game.