11 players slowly gathered together in the setting sun over St Albans including Robyn and jo who have already played a match for the 4s.

The opposition (with subs) were energetically warning up - this could be a long hour and ten. But as we started the energy was all with us. Our attack (midfield Hannah, Emma and Laura and forwards charlotte, Terri and kate h) passed and moved up the pitch creating many scoring opportunities.  And if St Albans did break the defence Ellie, Robyn, Jenny, kate and jo in goal) controlled the threat.
We were 2-1 up at half time.  Goals came from Emma off a corner and Charlotte who put away a ball  that unbelievably managed to travel across half the pitch and past several lines of defence.
In the second half the lack of subs began to tell. Their equalising goal sadly was a bit of a fluke and despite renewed effort we couldn’t convert our opportunities.
Thanks to Paul Whitby for doing the warm up and coaching us. And thank you to the band of supporters who also kept us going.
2-2 was the final result. We played well. The draw was probably fair but most importantly we are still unbeaten!