It was going to be a tough start to the new year for the Ladies 2s. Bishop Stortford we’re sitting joint top of the division and had defeated Berkhamsted 5-0 on their home pitch.

After a fighting team talk from Captain Peg Leg Sarah ( wishing you a quick recovery ) the Berkhamsted side were undeterred and went out to win. Indeed Berkhamsted dominated play in the first half. Some driving runs from Emily and Emma resulted in several short corners . Despite strong strikes by Mari and Charlie, Bishop Stortford held strong .
Bishop Stortford woke up from their long journey in the second half and became much more attacking . However , clinical tackles by Ann and cool headed Maria controlling the ball out of defence prevented any goal chances . The attacks kept coming into the last quarter from the youngsters in the opposition but fantastic efforts by Annamarie  and Helen to mark their players prevented any passing play .
Chops was a professional in goal making some clinical saves . She tested the multi- tasking skills of the defence asking them to help her onto her feet after one of her sliding tackles.  The defence politely told her they were busy and it was left to Woman of the match Lauren to help her up.
Bishop Stortford threw everything at it  in the last quarter and were determined to score . Ellie and Lauren were tireless in midfield to break up play, marking their players tightly as coach Dina had instructed .
Berkhamsted got a very well deserved point from their top of table clash . There was a good spread of votes to Maria , Mari , Ali and Ann . But it was Lauren’s composure on the ball in midfield that brought her the glittering Women of Match award .
Babs was otherwise engaged this week so we could all enjoy our potatoes without fear of a fine.