Ladies 1’s made an early away trip to Bedford. With a belly full of mince pies and energy levels at bursting point, we were eager to start the second half of the season with a bang!

Tactics this week shifted, giving Bedford little to room to breathe. We were all over them like a rash, squeezing them into corners and stopping their attacks at every opportunity.
We had a lot of forward play this week, keeping play high into the Bedford half. Each time play broke down, we took quick balls and continued our attack.
Our efforts were rewarded with our first goal. Faye passed a strong through ball to Harriette, who crossed it from the right to Pip in the middle. Pip snaked around their defence, finding Rosie who “twiddled” around the last defender and skilfully slipped it into the goal. A dramatic goal deserved a dramatic celebration & Rosie flung herself onto the floor, true football style!
Half time came, time to keep our focus and push on to find a second goal. Abi applied the SMART goal setting principle, and demanded our next goal came within the first 7 minutes!
With some fantastic distributions from Meg in sweeper role this week, we were able to transfer the ball from defence to wing backs and on. Our second goal soon followed. A sideline ball from Helen lifted over a Bedford stick down the wing to Harrie, who crossed into Pip, and again onto Rosie. Some more silky skills produced goal 2! Woohoo!
Dina put the evil eye on the game with her sideline commentary “Looking like we have this game in the bag....”
Bedford, with a renewed motivation (Dina giving them food for thought), were fast on the counter attack. A cross left into our defensive D, their player took a quick reverse hit, pinged into the top of the net. A fantastic strike, unstoppable by all - took the score line to 2-1.
Startled but not phased, we linked passes, kept our shape, & continued to work the ball back up the pitch. Bedford amended their tactics to reflect our formation, and were able to counter attack to keep the defenders on their toes.
Assuming the win in the dying seconds we had a momentary lapse in concentration.... Bedford kept their heads high & seized the opportunity! Their midfield crossed the ball from the left to a flying attacker who got a diving deflection, perfectly into the top of the net.
A frustrating end to a good game. Onto the next one ladies.
Mom and both goals to Rosie.
Stroppy pants to Vicky for moaning at midfielders to mark (quite right too!)
Dummy for Dina for tempting fate and assuming the win