Ladies 4s were playing Chiltern 3s on a particularly miserable morning at RAF Halton. In goal we had Sam- who made some incredible saves from the opposition throughout.

In defence we had: Patricia, Ange, Gail and Jenny. Midfield was: Lara, Jennifer and Ophelia, and forward: Lizzie, Sandra, Rebecca, Florence and Maddie.
Our first goal from Florence (assisted by Jennifer), shot into the corner of the box, and our second goal from Jennifer (assisted by Patricia), from near the top of the D, were both shot in the first half of the match. Our third goal, from Lizzie (assisted by Maddie) in the second half, enabled us to win the match 3:2 against Chiltern.
Overall the Ladies 4s maintained a strong defence; and the midfield/ forward having some good runs, especially along the left and right side. Man of the match votes went to: Lara (1), Rebecca (4), Jennifer S (6), Jenny M (1) and Ophelia (2)