The ladies' 4s had an exciting game at Broxbourne this weekend, winning 1-0.

A grey morning at Halton, Berkhamsted started the game with a 3 minute burst of energy down the right.  Kate sent the ball up to Mel and in true lightning speed ran it down the wing and took an early shot at goal.

Ladies 3s played top of the league Bedford on Saturday who have won all bar two of their games by numerous goals and some into double figures.

We turned up in Letchworth to quite a windy chilly start. The game started slowly but there was some good passing between Charlie, Bunni and Molly bringing the ball up into the attacking D.

A 1:45 ladies 4s fixtures saw an disappointing 3-0 loss against top of the league Bedford 6s. Following from the previous weeks great 0-0 draw against Luton the team had hoped for some better results!