Last game of the season, being nearly into the Summer, availability was poor.
Fortunately, some willing helpers joined the ranks to get us through this last battle.
It was day two of our back to back, double whammy, hockey weekend, and boy did some of us know it.

Ladies 2 travelled all the way to Hertford on a hot sunny day.
Where Hertford were fighting for promotion being joint second.

The ladies 4s traveled to Stevenage this week with a record number of supporters!

The sun was shining brightly, spirits were high and there were positive vibes all around the dressing room as the Ladies 3rd team prepared for their vital match away against Welwyn on Saturday. There were lots of different scenarios that could occur over the weekend, promotion was still an option if Blueharts failed to win away at Bedford, but most importantly the Ladies 3's needed a convincing win.

It was a damp and grey day for hockey and our captain hadn’t quite adapted to the Daylight Savings Time yet, which meant we were off to a very unusual start to our game.