Dina started off Saturday's game at Halton whilst the rest of the Ladies 1s warmed up at Tring! Luckily she made it in time and we started the game strong, but Welwyn managed to trickle one in.

The ladies 3’s had a home game on the local Beach at Tring International Hockey Stadium, with the added extra of a few sideline lagoons.

After a long journey to Crystal Palace the ladies came up against a very strong London wayfarers, the journey was full of sightseeing opportunities

Ladies 2s we’re ready and raring to go on saturday morning.. However on arrival to trings pitch, we were faced with the possibility of our game being cancelled due to flooding.

Coach Dina tried to put us all to sleep before the game with some mindfulness (or forgetfulness) exercises. Fortunately we did all wake up before the game. By using the passing skills we learnt at training (monkey see, monkey do), Rosie quickly put us 1-0 up after a very intricate team move.