A strong and upbeat Ladies 1's arrived at Leighton Buzzard positive and ready to give it our all.

The ladies 4s were anxiously waiting to hear if there game was going to go ahead after a hard frost....finally we got the go ahead!

Having not played since 2 December due to snowy and frosty weather, the Ladies 1s were looking to turn round their pre-Christmas form with a good performance against local rivals Tring.

We met at The Old Mill hopeful for a game, free toast kept us entertained as we awaited a decision re the pitch and then the Feisty Fourteen were off to Hertford.

Twas the night before hockey, when all through the land, forboding forecasts, meant matches may not stand…….
Don’t panic I’m NOT a poet and I certainly know it, so won’t subject you to my desperate attempts!