On 10th November we met up to play a match against Bedford.  We started out strong and with lots of courage; everyone was playing well and we were trying to keep the opposition away from our goal and we did that with quite a lot of success.

11 players slowly gathered together in the setting sun over St Albans including Robyn and jo who have already played a match for the 4s.

Ladies 4s came out fighting hard and finished 1-0 up against Chilterns away.

The ladies 1s travelled the long distance to Saffron Walden.......luckily Helen Morton came prepared with a packed lunch to last a few days.

The tension at Halton was like a scene out of a Liam Neeson film.  From Rebecca’s pre-match nausea, Nat meaning business with her top-to-toe branded new club kit, the militant warm up led by Brigadier Babs and both teams being ready to push back well before the initial whistle.