The men’s 1s look to better previous performances and take their 3rd win of the campaign. In the way is a South Cambridge side who are also struggling to find their feet in the 2S division.

Firstly, apologies if there are any mis-remembered, mis-reported, mis-represented, mis-informed or just missed details on the match report, it is subject to a very nice lunch at El Pescador & a couple (ok maybe more than a couple) of glasses of the local cava.

There was good news and bad news surrounding our visit to Shefford & Sandy.

In a week in which we saw the fall of Mugabe, the end of the rocky road by the the filling of our holes, the revelation of Richard “ i’ve had a deep tissue massage” to celebrate my birthday Korn, the dreadful faux pas at the training ground, the return of the missing explorer Charlie Mitchie..

The 2s played Broxbourne on Saturday, having lost a few good men to injury and unavailability. Having been led through a very vigorous warm-up by Tom, we set out on our mission...