Where there’s a Will there’s a way
Berkhamsted Mens 2s were the main event at the opening of the Blueharts new Astro (and what a lovely astro and club house it is, something for Berko to aspire to). 

A bit of a robbery from the 3’s this weekend with a 2-2 draw against Cheshunt with Berkhamsted definitely deserving of the win.

The day starts  badly when I reverse my car into my wife’s car on the drive...and you thought hockey was bad...hockey has taught me not to complain to the umpire and not to own up to the odd kick, punch, stick tackle etc...etc....car crashes are different,

New Year, fresh start to the season! Whilst grey clouds raced overhead, Tring sports centre was to today’s battleground, Bedford 3’s our opponent. With a previous 5-5 draw both sides were keen to make certain they would come away with 3 points today.

You know sometimes you get those games where a 7-0 defeat doesn’t feel like a 7-0 defeat, well this was one of those occasions.
We had a full complement of 16 for the game, which meant subs a plenty,