After a run of loses, finally a win for the three's!!. We started off the game well holding the shape and putting the pressure on Hertford III who went down a man to injury after 10 mins.

With no subs to replace him Berko were a man up. Then followed a lot of wayward passes from Berko and we failed to capitalise on this. Half time and a new energy came out from Berko. The shape came back and the chances started happening. The first goal came from a great move from the half way, down the right, into the D, Whitby dazzled and passed, Redman converted. Goal 1-0. Berko piled on the pressure and were awarded a short corner. A great stop and control from Page to move it out to the right, strike from Paul's ball found the tin. Goal 2-0. For a change Berko held their shape and defended well till the end. A great game from the team - reflected in the 7 different MOM nominations with Captain Goodwyn taking it with 3.