“Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice” – Yoda.  And today, the M3s performed to their potential, again.
There was a short delay to open the gates to the pitch. The reason for the delay, which was rumoured, no keys to the pitch and West Herts team would have been content with the M3s winning by a 3-0 walkover.

This was after witnessing the infamous ‘Dr Redman’s’ pre-match team warm up… DVDs are available shortly.
The M3s started the game with clear intent and conviction, perpetrating the opponents D from the onset.  Soon after, ‘new kid on the block’ Waleed, opened the floodgates. His first goal, after some silky skills from the 25 yard line, a shot smashed from just inside the top of the D, into the bottom corner. We think the keeper blinked at the same time and hence missed the save… His second goal, was perhaps more memorable. Started with some ‘textbook hockey’ built-up from the defence, some neat exchanges in the midfield and then to the forward line, ending up with Waleed, who scored with aplomb. What ensued was destiny, a narrow angled missile-of-a-shot to the top corner of the goal. Their keeper’s only reaction was by picking the ball from behind the goal, perhaps he blinked again? The third goal came sooner after, achieved from a well-practised GB styled short corner routine, ‘Pauls ball Whitby’ finished with conviction, after a neat switch and wall pass from Toby. 3-0 to M3s within 15 mins. The goal scoring euphoria continued and we extended our dominance to further punish West Herts. Great goals from ‘Dr Redman’ and Toby ‘like his dad the goal scorer’ Payton added to total 5 goals close to the break. In all fairness to West Herts, they did react, albeit mildly to be kind, and managed to squeeze in a fine goal from a counter attack to make it 5-1 at half time. Keeping shape, accurate short sharp passes and continued sensible hockey were the key messages from our ‘Captain Marvel’ Goodwyn. Further boosting morale, ‘Pauls ball Whitby’ set the team a final goal tally of double digits – We believe! And the goals continued to rain on West Herts. Waleed added another 2 more goals in unscrupulous fashion. Skipper’s dribble into the D and a "ferocious" looping shot over their keeper adding another. There was even time for ‘Ben dependable Moorhouse’, playing in defence, to venture into the oppositions D, but his shot was tipped by the goalie at full stretch and then hit the post. Those that weren’t privileged to attend the game, can only imagine how sexy our hockey was. With about 10 minutes remaining, West Hert’s keeper decided to leave our game. Apparently, he had another appointment, perhaps he decided to start his Xmas shopping earlier than planned, and subsequently West Herts resorted to a kicking back. We continued to apply the pressure and dared to believe 10 or more goals was achievable. Inevitably, ‘Pauls ball Whitby’ finished some fine hockey with a venomous shot on goal, the kicking back had no chance, even if he didn’t blink. So deadly was the shot that even if the player managed to get any contact on the ball, he would have required medical treatment. The shot reflected a striker’s natural instinct in front of goal – No mercy. Amidst our celebration, one of the West Herts player’s emotions took over with some well chosen words. This West Herts side are sat at the bottom of the table and frustrations are understandable.
And so, the final whistle signalled the start of our celebrations, the result was a 9-1 win! M3s enjoyed another successful team performance, attributed to a robust defence, resounding midfield and a ruthless front line – Team win. Thanks also to Sal for marshalling our substitutions! The numerous nominations for MoM reflected several stellar individual performances, there were approximately 8 players nominated for MoM. Ultimately, Dr Redman achieved the well-deserved MoM. Notably, the team votes were not swayed by his DVDs, allegedly…
“Feel the force!” - Yoda