The road to success is laid by Wellsy and Iwy!            
Yes , can you believe it, not content to upsetting the potholes of life, in which we drive through weekl y up the avenue of hope and enchantment, but Wellsy and Iwy were a perfect combination to “curb” the opposition, dig out the trenches of adventure and lay down the perfect road to recovery.

Yes , we can report that we beat West Herts, a significant blow to our elder brothers. A resounding 5 -0 win speaks for itself, or does it? The combination of Joel, who spent most of the week off school through illness, and Jon who declined to play only on the morning of the game, in the vain hope that he would be OK to don the hallowed striped shirt of BHHHHC made a significant difference to the status quo of the team, yet still we managed to be successful, to be fair Joel turned up and started like a true trooper, only withdrawing after nearly vomiting through sheer effort.
We were lucky that the old guard were there to keep things on a level, Paul krafft, Duncan Hodges, Nick Cave, Richard Korn, jim Carlile and Jules Hollows were able to nullify the opposition with sketches of skill and aggression, Oh did I mention Wellsy? Who has a stick which not only delivers grenades from the back,  but missiles from the front, and these together with the audacious speed and slipperyness of Iwan proved too awkward for their defence.
They believed a kicking back was the best way to confront us, a ruse we are not used to, and while it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking “they haven’t got a goalie” we still have to perform and score to obtain three points. This took us a till half time to realise, when we decided that it was a normal game of hockey, to keep the ball moving, between white and white, that goals wouldn’t come from thin air.. Our clean sheet is only down to the concentration of our Keeper Colin, whilst not unduly pressurised , ensured that when he was called into question, he had all the answers.
But what of the goals, they came from interesting and well thought out rehearsals of play, not really, the first was from a smart move by Tupper, finding Iwy on the goal line, who managed an audacious flick back to Tupper who subsequently aimed a well timed square-cut into the net, bish, bash, bosch, get in! A couple of short corners meant more goals, but the fan’s favourite was from Iwan, who hunted down the self-pass clearance, stole the ball and somehow managed to squeeze it past the defender while sliding on his arse! The main defence and attack of the game came from Will Hodges, who kept the left hand side of the game firmly in his hand, for this notable achievement he was rewarded with six man of the match nominations, double the number of our second man Paul Krafft.
The two umpires, Mike and Doobi did well to stop a “wee bit of feistiness” getting out of hand, an increasingly fed up West Herts team, having conceded four were happy to exchange a couple of hand bag blows that amounted to nothing, the name calling was secondary, as Jules said “sticks and stones may break my bones, but I’m with Bupa, so get on with it”!
The last play of the game was a penalty corner, which Wellsy effortlessly flicked high into the net to secure our 5th. Their cries of “that’s hardly fair” were met with derision, there is a little bit in me that agrees, there is a  slight pang of guilt, to put five past a kicking back, but while we wrestle with that little dilemma , we can debate the rights and wrongs, the ifs, the buts, the who cares, I don’t know the answer, and probably never will.
Suffice to say the score remained at +5 berko, nil off we go to next week, a 1.45. home game at Tring , followed by a table  4 12 on the 9th of the 12th at 18.30, or is it a table 4 9 at 9 on the 9th of the 12th 4 4 at 6.30....who knows, Jules is organising,  so will let you know......he’s capable I know, of sorting this out, ...” I will sort this with both hands and both eyes shut he slurred,”... I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous....