Berkhamsted 1s travelled to Potters Bar to play their first team that were placed 2nd the the table.

Potters Bar were the first to score, half way through the first half, where they quickly counter attacked, driving into the left side of the D and striking the ball into the far corner. The second goal came in the second half from Berko using a short corner routine where the injector, Ollie Webb, fired the ball toward the second castle to find swampy who stopped it for Ed Holderness and was then struck into the near corner. The final came in the closing minutes from Potters Bar where a forward drove into a crowded D but still managed to squeeze through and then had two attempts at shooting against the logging keeper, Mark, before rolling the ball into the goal. Overall the game was a heartbreaking defeat, ending 2-1 to Potters Bar, as the score wasn’t a true reflection of the game as Berko 1s outperformed the opposition in every category but goals.