This weeks 2’s game against Broxbourne was hotly anticipated and it was clear we were all up for it, despite the late Halton start time.

There was a mad curly haired dog running around that shared our illustrious leaders name - Hugo - must've been a good luck charm.

We were down on numbers, with Jamie arriving late due to umpiring commitments further afield, but Freddie Webb stepped up and added to the pace of Payton jr and Goodwyn up front.

The skipper asked for a quick goal to settle the nerves and Payton Snr obliged after a few minutes of pressure and some fine team hockey. Clearly what was missing last year has been found and more fine hockey produced goals from Silver 2, Payton Jr 2, Goodwyn 1, Gilmore 1, BELOW 1 (yes that’s John Below defender) and Hodges 1. So that was 9 0.

Despite the clubs terrible lack of goalies we are 19 goals for, with a positive goal difference of 17, so only 2 let in!

Thanks to all for stepping up so we have had keepers every week so far. Playing 11 on field with no keeper is surely a day that’s coming and keeping our goal difference may be tricky in these instances.

BUT for now, its great to be top of the league and starting to look like a very solid team.