13.5 men on the team sheet turned into 11 men waiting keenly for the main man to arrive whilst the team mascot ran into a tree. El capitano arrived and swiftly left to lock his shed or something. Ollie for no apparent reason had donned himself in Freya’s leggings and was raring to go.

For some of us, Halton has been a haunting place recently. We have been shipping more than Folkestone on a busy weekday (pre-Brexit at least).  So when better than the Halloween fixture to play hockey, mix some metaphors and banish the ghosts of past pummellings. 

As we head along the bypass, admiring the wonderful colours that adorn the trees in Tring Park, the smooth sound of jazz playing on the wireless.....nice..... the sun shining brightly, warm and inviting, the sun’s rays guiding us to our destination...life can’t get much better.

A cold October morning welcomed the M2's this week in our bid to get our first points against Hertford 2's.  Spririts were high, and Rocky had his Where's Wally jumper, so a win was surely in order? 

The mens 3s made their way to St Albans in good spirits on the back of last week’s win and a couple of good performances.