For some reason, my memory of the 5s game on Saturday against Southgate Adelaide 3s has got a bit fuzzy, I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the end of season social last night! So apologies for any technical irregularities.

The anticipation of the weekend of hockey, a double header , a real sixpointer, turned into a damp squib.

On Saturday the 10th March,  Berko 1st XI began the journey to Letchworth, 3 weeks after they drew 2-2 to the same side on their home turf; thirsty for the victory.

The only match to survive the Siberian blast involved a trip to Bedford where there was certainly no lying snow but, with the temperature at zero and the wind howling across the flatlands, it was going to be a task just to keep a grip on your stick.

Once again, the Men’s 5s received great support from across the club this weekend. We were 7 in number after selection, by Friday that was up to 10 with some doubler-upperers from the 4s (thanks to Joel and Iwan), 2 injury returning 3s then offered assistance (thanks Ed & Rik), and...