The morning forecast had not looked positive for the M3’s home encounter to the Lutonians but that was certainly not the predominant spirit of the brave fellows that took to the hallowed sands dunes of Tring school Astrodome.

A clash of the titans it was not. When the top of the league play the bottom of the league, its always going to be tricky and today was no exception.
Southgate are a side in the wrong league, they are a young, well worked team, full of under 16s, coupled with a few experienced thirty somethings, promotion is easily within their grasp, and this will be their fourth promotion in succession,

Where there’s a Will there’s a way
Berkhamsted Mens 2s were the main event at the opening of the Blueharts new Astro (and what a lovely astro and club house it is, something for Berko to aspire to). 

Last week saw a season's first for Berkhamsted 2s. A new year heralded a new feeling. Winning. And the team were desperate to continue that new enjoyable feeling. Who to stand against the might of Berko? Table topping, top scoring Potters Bar.

A bit of a robbery from the 3’s this weekend with a 2-2 draw against Cheshunt with Berkhamsted definitely deserving of the win.