The Men’s 2s travelled to one of the furthest games, Shefford and Sandy on Saturday.
We were full of hope once more, with another newly-formed team and the weather was glorious!

So, it was wet, wet, wet this week, but when love is all around & the guys had a keen look in their angel eyes, I was wishing I was lucky & it wouldn’t be goodnight girl with a sweet surrender or a sweet little mystery that somewhere somehow we would lose today.

What a great performance, slick hockey, well drilled attacks, stunning stickwork, pin-point ariels, together with fast attacks down both flanks following strong defending. Yes, we were up against a very good Southgate side.

Yesterday was our 2nd league match of the season - this time we played against Cheshunt. In cold, blustery and very wet conditions the contest was evenly matched.

On a cold and wet Saturday afternoon Berko third XI congregated in Luton for their league game. Unfortunately there were only nine of us to begin with, although James Russell arrived just before the start so we did have ten.