A bright, blustery day in Bishops Stortford and the intrepid twelve were looking to enjoy the game, play the decent hockey we know we’re capable of and get maximum points.

Another week of hapless dropouts, one on the Friday and one on the Saturday, we nearly lost another, when Alfie realised he didn’t have any kit to wear, with the threat of playing in his vest and pants, he cobbled together his Dad’s swimmers and a sort of white shirt straight out of the dressing up box, when he arrived we asked “What have you come as?” for he looked like a cross between Tom Daly and Coco the clown.

Full of momentum and hope the 3’s travelled East to the home of table toppers Bishops Stortford. Armed with the bare 11 could an upset be on the cards?

Berko entertained Southgate Adelaide at home for our third fixture of the season. They really must enjoy playing against us. Believe it or not we still have to play them one more time!

A quick chat with the Stevenage captain before the game revealed between us we had conceded 19 goals last weekend, which shows the gulf between the top & bottom half of our division.