The 1’s travelled to Broxbourne knowing that a win would almost guarantee promotion.

Knowing that the fate of the 2's is sealed for the season, we arrived in great spirits and all seeming relaxed and ready to enjoy our Saturday afternoon.  Could this have been because of Roger's absence?  Nobody can be sure. 

Well, a bit of a strange game. In lovely weather the skipper could have stayed at home for his suntan top-up, but he was in Spain and we had to battle on.

Every boy’s dream is to turn up at a major sporting event, to support their heros, only to find that the team are one short, “have you got your kit? Fancy a game?” Well, thats what happened today, and we were able to make James Fido’s dream come true.

On a day when the anticipation of a win goes as far away as the principality, and the pain of a £60.00 parking ticket is a week old memory for the ULO, the temperature reaches an all time high for February, not quite I hear, as it was hotter 16 years ago when Megs was born to the world...