Berko 5s started the season with a number of new players, both young and 'not quite so young', together with the usual old codgers.

The 2’s lions ‘and a lot of cubs’ travelled to sunny Harpenden. The squad mood was good and our travelling supporters were excitable and noisy on the sideline, (until just before the start of the game when she nipped back to the car to grab some lunch!)

A hectic week for the selection committee, meant that not until Friday morning, did we receive news that yes, we had a keeper. A return by Xavi to the 2s meant we were able to travel to our furthest fixture this year with Nick Prowse, cue two very happy people, myself (Jimmy Carlile) and Roger Macklin who, had we not been granted Nick, were left top play rock, sizzors, paper, to see who would don the kit.

Berkhamsted had an early start on the first day of the season against Royston with a 10:30 push back at Fortress Halton.