THE BATTLE. David v Goliath. (with apologies to other religions)
How to start, like all these missives, hindsight gives us the answers, but the intrigue,
The anticipation, The concern, The excitment, the chaos, the ooh, I didn’t know our boys have netflix! And watch things like that.

A bitterly cold Saturday morning was doing its best to freeze us, body and mind. Through chattering teeth we planned to play our passing game that had been so successful in recent times.

A dreary soggy atmosphere greeted the Mens 2s at Meadowcroft for this relegation battle, Stevenage were on the same points as us, so it was a must win for the Mens 2s to keep their survival in 3SW. 

On the 4th of our 5 visits to North London this season (I suppose it’s better than 5 visits to East Hertfordshire!), we were up against top of the table Southgate Tankards Y.

On a cold wet February evening sixteen fine warriors assembled at RAF Halton to do battle against the enemy, WGC 2s. Our foe who had earlier defeated us 6-2 at their own battlefield, north of the county.