“How did you win?” they cried... Smoke and mirrors, and a little bit of magic......
You have to be there, pay your money, queue up and enjoy the experience, a match report can't do justice to game so important that folk in Portugal are glued to their phones, drinking  glasses of fun and having one eye on the result.

With a much changed side from last week, the 5s took on Southgate Adelaide 3s, we were also abundant with players this week, so it meant substitutions galore and trying to not disrupt any flow to our game.

Overheard in the carpark “Who is this misfit? If only we had a decent captain we wouldn’t have to bugger about with all this stuff and nonsense”

Do you know what an oscilloscope is?
It measures electrical stuff in waves, up and down and it’s that sine wave that visually describes the M2’s to a T.

Berko M2's travelled away to Stevenage 1's, for what was to be a close fought match; both teams having similar records and positions in the league table so far this season.