On a wet Sunday in St Albans, the men’s 3s went into their match knowing that only a win would continue their hope of escaping relegation to Div 6. We were ready for the battle for our survival.

As the sun sets on another season it decided to shine on the final game for the 2s at Broxbourne and the usual under-layers were caste aside.

After hearing the sad news on Saturday that just over fifty percent of the first XI have voted to leave the club and head off to university next year, the old remainers appealed to the young intellectuals for a departing gift of three points that would secure a second referendum on the now seemingly-inevitable Berkxit from division 2S.

And so it came to the last fixture of the season. Sadly, we were already confirmed to leave Div2 East and return to our ever so slightly more local league, but we still wanted to put on a show and finish as strong as we could.

A good battling performance this week against a decent Welwyn side who applied a lot of early pressure having won the toss and started with the ball.