They came from far and wide with new team mate Rhys and a welcome return to Nigel Edwards, Will Alderson and Jon Below.

The Men's 1s were up at the crack of dawn in order to get to Saffron Walden for the 10.30 push back.
After a sleepy team talk in the changing rooms, we got onto the pitch and seemed set to go.

Last year we narrowly missed out on promotion, ending on the same points as those who were promoted, but luckily having a slightly worse goal difference. Thank goodness for that, for after seven games we are still searching for our first point.

Rather than using any fireworks analogies for the Mens’s 5s game (I’m not sure fireworks & Men’s 5s have ever been used in the same sentence!) I will compare our performance to the bonfire.

This was the week that Berkhamsted Hockey Club decided to launch the latest in its range of Goodwyns, with the newer W & T class versions going well, and the ever reliable K class, the E class was starting to suffer a bit, it had always been a bit noisy & temperamental, but was now not starting & was liable to regular breakdowns, so it was time for the C class.